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Student Affairs

Advisory Council for Alcohol and Other Drugs

Reporting Line & Authority

ACAOD is charged with evaluation and support of efforts impacting the University community (students, faculty, staff and administration) relative to alcohol and other drugs (A/D). ACAOD is advisory to University administration for community-wide policy and action. Timely, decisive feedback on ACAOD resolutions and proposals is essential to ACAOD effectiveness. Therefore, ACAOD will report to the President through the Vice President for Student Affairs for authorization to execute proposals.

Structure, Resources & Recognition

Effective action relative to the varied issues impacted by A/D will require representative involvement of the University and the community-at-large. ACAOD focus must be broad-based, and its size must be productive. ACAOD members should have vested interest by virtue of their position to A/D related issues. ACAOD discussion and action will be facilitated by first-hand involvement of the position/person authorized with the decision-making and budget authority for the impacted office(s). This, too, will provide direct, timely knowledge of policy, programming and service involvement of their operations to the responsible administrators.

ACAOD and its subcommittees will meet on a regular basis to receive and consider information from A/D policy authorities, service clinicians and effected constituents. ACAOD will review, evaluate and act upon the initiatives, existing and proposed, of practitioners and others who are required to affect and react to A/D-related policies and programs.

ACAOD Partnerships

Through ACAOD, WVU has partnered with many local, state and national agencies to combat alcohol education and prevention. Some of these groups are:

West Virginia University


WVU hosted the first Governor’s Summit on Alcohol Use in Higher Education, helped establish a Presidential Pact of commitment among the state’s colleges and universities, and continues service on the Statewide Alcohol Coalition.


Recognition of Our Efforts

WVU has been recognized for substance abuse prevention efforts by many sources, including: